The Estonian Assosiation for Advancement of Vocational Education (hereinafter EKEÜ) is a voluntary organisation founded on the principles of uniting independent individuals and public interests in an association that has as it goal the development of higher quality Vocational Education in Estonia  through effective teamwork between special interest groups and the communities they serve.

The EKEÜ was established in Kuressaare in 1999. Its membership is composed of vocational school managers, educational professionals and other related business experts drawn from schools, employers, commercial support organisations and government agencies.

The EKEÜ represents and promotes its memberships’ legal interests in the educational sector with regard to foreign workers and tenders for solutions to educational deficiency issues. 

The profile of national vocational education is perhaps most vividly presented by the Society via its traditional autumn and winter seminars. These EKEÜ seminars, present our invited guests with hands-on learning, cooking and challenging experiences in which, together, we continue to grow and develop.

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