PRomoting Adult Learning In Networks

Start: 15 - 01 - 2021
End: 14 - 01 - 2024

Objectives and Context:

  • Strengthen existing transnational networks of adult education providers by means of mutual learning, peer counselling, and capacity building (EUproVET)
  • Support the growth and professionalisation of existing national networks

- In the proposal we added VET providers (VET and ALE)

Use the wider EUproVET network to strengthen:

1. Providers of Adult Learning and VET on national level
2. improve and promote a widening of international cooperation through sharing Good Practices on ALE on practitioner and policy level
3. policy reach of EUproVET at EU level.

  • PLA Theme 1: Adult Education: Where does the responsibility lie and how do EU Member States ensure that education for adults is inclusive at all levels. What are the barriers to access for Adult Education and how do we overcome these?
  • PLA Theme 2: Digitalisation, Automation and Artificial Intelligence – Upskilling and reskilling adults in a digital age
  • PLA Theme 3: Sustainable development goals and what does this mean for VET and Adult Education
  • PLA Theme 4: Language learning for migrant learners
  • PLA Theme 5: Adult Learning in the workplace
  • PLA Theme 6: Basic Skills for All
  • PLA 7: To be decided, allowing for flexibility throughout the project

In network are 12 countries 13 partners from different organisations:

  • MBO Raad, the Association of Colleges, NL (coordinator)
  • AoC, Association of Colleges, UK (co-author of the proposal)
  • ETBI, Education and Training Boards Ireland, IE
  • AMKE, Ammattiosaamisen kehittämisyhdistys AMKE ry, FI
  • EAAVE, Eesti Kutseõppe Edendamise Ühing, EE
  • Ikaslan, association of 27 public vocational colleges in the Basque Country of Spain, ES
  • FP Empresa, The Association of Vocational Training Centres FP Empresa , ES
  • UNMFREO, Union Nationale des Maisons Familiales Rurales d’Education et d'Orientation, F
  • REDVET, International Association for Research and Development of Voca ,TR
  • ANESPO, Associação Nacional de Escolas Profissionais, PT
  • Hrvatsko andragoško društvo, CR
  • BBB, Bundesverband der Träger berufliche Bildung, D

Member of the board of EKEÜ, coordinator of Praline project
Meeli Kaldma

Praline project meeting in Dublin, Ireland

EKEÜ members Meeli Kaldma and Karen Sukiasyan took part of the 4th PLA meeting in Dublin, Ireland on 10 – 11 May, 2022.  The main focus at this meeting was on the language learning for migrant learners. The partners and external experts spoke on a wide range of issues and shared good practices of FET (Further Education and Training) in Ireland and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). Due to the recent dramatic developments in Ukraine, Ireland has also hosted a huge number of refugees. Therefore, the experts at the PLA meeting also focused on the local responses to this global crisis – planning and delivering ESOL provisions for Ukrainian citizens. The PLA meeting ended with quite an interesting workshop on design thinking where the participants tried to explore current VET landscape, challenges, opportunities and the future.

The next PLA meeting will be held in Tallinn, Estonia on 6 – 7 October, 2022 where the main focus will be on digitalization and e-governance.

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