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ESTONIAN VOCATIONAL EDUCATION PROMOTION ASSOCIATION was founded in 1999 by individuals who joined on the basis of volunteering an independent, non-profit, non-profit organization operating in the public interest, the purpose of which is to promote vocational education in Estonia.

The main goal of the association is to be the engine of the development of vocational education by cooperating with all relevant social stakeholders and interest groups and communities.

To achieve the set goals, EAAVE’s main activities are: representing the interests and rights of its members, organizing international and national level cooperation with relevant stakeholders and organizations, giving recommendations for improvements to the vocational education and training system. organization of trainings and training of members, participation in policy-making and law-making, etc.

The association has more than 135 members who, in addition to vocational schools, also represent other interest groups, social partners and authorities.

The association organizes seminars twice a year, mainly for its members, but also for other interested parties: The aim of the seminars is to introduce and encourage discussions on important topics.

Members of the Board 2023